🖌️ dragon's artistic endeavours

btw, this page is still quite WiP, but the information here is valid

prices and examples

line art

17 eur

line art example of an avali

  • line art only
  • clean or pencil sketch textured
  • can have lined or solid shading
  • (+4 eur per extra subject)
  • (extra 4 eur) coloured lines
  • (extra 4 eur) background (or a full canvas painting instead of a single subject)

coloured illustration

24 eur

illustration example of a synth holding a laptop

  • solid colour digital illustration
  • can have cell shading
  • (+4 eur per extra subject)
  • (extra 2 eur) coloured lines
  • (extra 4 eur) gradient/smooth shading
  • (extra 8 eur) background (or a full canvas illustration instead of a single subject)

digital painting

30 eur

digital painting illustration of a scene from 'Sky: Children of the Light'

  • mostly lineless brush strokes
  • texturing where applicable
  • shading
  • (+8 eur per extra subject)
  • (extra 10 eur) background (or a full canvas painting instead of a single subject)

pixel art

25 eur


  • can be of specific sprites
  • (+4 eur per extra subject)
  • (extra 10 eur) background (or a full sceen instead of a single subject)
  • (+i*0.25 eur per extra animation frame) (for example single image + bg is 35, two frame animation is 35 + (35*0.25) = 35 + 8.75 = 43.75, three frames would be 35 + 35*0.25 + 35*0.25, etc)

vector image

25 eur

vector example of a mixture of the microsoft dragon emoji and the microsoft sky emoji

  • can be a an icon/logo or a full image
  • if it's a (living) subject, will be a simplified illustration
  • can have vector shading

faço valor regional para BR. valor vezes 1.7 só que em real (exemplo: line art por 17 * 1.7 = 28,90 R$)


I reserve the right to not do business with you based on the subject

I'm more comfortable doing furry art, specially dragon(-like) characters

I will not do content that is NSFW (for now, see notice below)

I may do content that is SFW or somewhat weird at a certain level (again, see below)

I might suck at too complex details or scenes

nsfw & kinks

stuff I'm okay doing

  • fats / inflation
  • mildly exaggerated anatomical proportions
  • non lewd nudity
  • scene with mild lewd implications

stuff I won't do

  • depictions of realistic violence
  • explicitly lewd content
  • vore
  • your weird fantasies no one asked for

entering in contact

contact me trough one of these ways, to tell me and discuss what kind of art of what that you'd want

  • email to sirlan@protonmail.com
  • message on fediverse to @sirlan@derg.social
  • direct message on telegram to @ian_d0
  • join this Discord group (for organization reasons) and send a DM to me
    • if we have a deal, you should stay in that group until we finish business
    • warn: because Discord is such a "good" platform totally not filled with dubious / annoying people, in your first contact you shall state your intentions
    • blah blah blah, less strict about friends and people I already know

once we are in some agreement I'll send you an invoice/payment link, and add your item in my to do list once I see the payment was done

during the mean time in which I'm doing it, I'll send WIPs to you from time to time and ask you about how it's going and how should I proceed

feel free to contact me about questions, suggestions and whatever (as long as it's relevant and not too pushy) in the meantime too

when the item is done, I shall contact you to send either a download link from where you will be able to download the image file(s) for a limited time, or an archive of the files directly if possible

the boring business stuff

kinda long and boring, but important notices and rules


  • Unless explicitly stated, I'm not taking requests or trades
  • It would be nicer if you showed me previous works/references of the character/scene you want
  • Tell me about how public should it be (if I should post the final work on social media, if I should say it is for you, etc)
  • If I don't give updates on your item in a week and a half, feel free to contact me about it


  • Even if my content may not contain explicit material, services are only for individuals of 18 or more years old
  • I reserve the right to not do business with you for any reason
  • Business I may do with you are not personal endorsements or social (friendship) or charity acts


  • Total value (base prices + extras on complexity) is final
    • 'Exposure' is not a real payment method
  • Payment will be done trough Stripe
    • Getting a PayPal business account is not easy in Brazil and most other simple payment systems are not available here
    • Por razões de privacidade não vou aceitar Pix
  • Value must be paid before I start working on your item


  • Images are licensed under CC-BY-SA if there is no explicit notice saying otherwise
    • tl;dr - do whatever you want with it, give credit when sharing, others are allowed to do derivative works based on it
  • The ramifications of works based on commercial IPs (fan art of show/game characters) is for you to handle


  • I profess of not intending to collect, process, or store any personally identifying information, unless it is required to fulfill the services provided or legal duties, and only with your explicit declaration of consent and understanding of what they are being required for
  • Such liability does not extend to third party services used to fulfill the service (e.g. Stripe), this falling under their terms of service and privacy


  • This is not a legal document
  • Nothing is legally binding to either side
  • I'm providing this as an personal courtesy, not as a commercial entity
  • I give you a promise of finishing your item in at most a month and a half
  • Terms may change at any moment in the future

another way to support me, you can